The Community Initiatives Fund of Kahnawà:ke (CIF) is established to provide opportunities for improving socio-economic conditions within Kahnawà:ke, through the development of positive, sustainable initiatives.


The mission of the CIF is to stimulate Kahnawà:ke’s social economy and improve the quality of life for Kahnawa’kehró:non, by investing in the community through engagement, motivation, empowerment and support.


In March of 2018, an Oversight and Review Committee was established to administer and monitor the CIF. The Committee is comprised of Kahnawa’kehró:non, who bring skill, experience and knowledge of Kahnawà:ke’s socio-economic conditions.


Ron Abraira, Community Member
Judi Jacobs, Community Member
Cynthia White, Community Member
Alana Goodleaf-Rice, Sponsor Representative MCK
Alana Kane, Sponsor Representative TEWA

Committee members have staggered, 3-year terms.


Charleen Schurman, Coordinator
Phone: (514) 245-1863

The CIF is owned by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke (MCK) and administered jointly with Tewatohnhi’saktha (TEWA).